Sen. Lamar Alexander on Auditing the Fed

“The audit? It’s a bad idea,” said Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander, head of the Republican Conference in the Senate. “It’s a sorry day when the Congress superimposes itself on the Fed, nosing around in monetary policy. It’s bad enough we are nosing around with the car companies.”


Is this our Lamar Alexander?
Whats happening to our Republican voice?
Has B.H.O. Muted, Hogtied And castrated them all?
He is not having to take our country, It is being given to him.
I’ve noticed that some of his hardcore followers are taking a closer look at him while many of his former foes are now caving into his every wish and whim.
Has he already crossed so many of them over that the others are fearful of provoking him on certain issues.
Just imagine, About 1970 or so you had this prophesy about the present time, you went down to the local store or hangout and you shared this with the local cronies.
Do you think you would have been branded a raving lunatic?
We would never have been convinced that this could have happened to our country.
I think about members of my own family and others that gave their life or health fighting for our country, Just to have it given to this bunch of thugs.
God help us, but most of all God forgive us.

Another Response:

That’s absurd.  Senators are more responsible for this mess than Congress, all the way back to 1913”.

Another Response:

“No question who owns him”.

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