Influential GOP Chairman Seat Up For Grabs

What You Need to Know and DO About Devaney’s Resignation

Chris Devaney announced his decision to resign as Chairman of the GOP State Executive Committee effective April 11. It was supposedly a “surprise” to members of the SEC.  It was not, however, a surprise to Rep. Ryan Haynes, as he miraculously sent out a two-paged candidacy announcement within a half hour of Devaney’s own announcement.  (The Tennessean March 29, 2015)

(The “establishment” is less and less concerned with appearances, it seems-not even the slightest attempt to give an illusion of fairness…)

Instead of having the next Chairman hand-picked  (especially one as inexperienced as Rep.Haynes), and setting Tennessee up for being further from Constitutionally conservative than it is now, it would be best to TABLE the selection of a Chairman until everyone who wants to run for the position has had an opportunity to come forward and seek support.

Please contact your county Republican Party Chairs, as well as your SEC members and your State Representatives.  If you are short on time, please make contacting your two SEC members  your priority.

Devaney’s resignation should not give an unfair advantage to anyone, especially over those more qualified to run.