Take Action

When it comes to defending liberty you can make a difference. Some people have time, others have money, and a few are willing to pledge both their fortunes and their sacred honor in the fight. If you’d like to join us by taking action that will make a difference, contact us at info@tennesseansforliberty.org.

Here are just a few of the ways you can help make a big difference!

  • Observe, report, and share the facts regarding authoritarian government policy and legislation
  • Learn how legislation is really passed and help with making it happen
  • Educate the public about Constitutional ideals, government policy and legislation
  • Synergize organizational relationships by being a liaison between us and your liberty organization
  • Assist with our administrative functions
  • Recruit new membership by recruiting supporters critical to our impact and growth
  • Create materials used to promote the ideals of Liberty
  • Give monetary resources to help support the effort
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