Elected Representation

Tennessee District Mapsfind your elected officials

– Includes three maps

  • Tennessee State Senate Districts (Nashville)
  • Tennessee State House Districts (Nashville)
  • Federal House Districts (Washington, D.C.)

Federal Representation (Washington D.C.):

Senator Bill Hagerty
Senator Marsha Blackburn
Federal House Members (Tennessee Representation)

Note: Though you may have a particular Congressman to represent you, remember that all votes by all Congressmen effect you equally regarding federal legislation in Washington. It never hurts to contact any Congressman, particularly those who may be undecided on an issue. Just keep in mind that if they realize you are outside of their district, they may be even less responsive than  normal, which is usually minimal to begin with.

State Representation (Nashville):

Tennessee Governor’s Office
Tennessee State Legislators (Nashville)

Note: Remember that while federal issues may receive greater media coverage, you can often make the biggest difference addressing issues at the state level in Nashville. Your voice is more effectively heard and the state should stand against the federal government over-reach utilizing the 10th Amendment.


Note: Unfortunately, there is not a comprehensive listing of municipal elected officials for all Tennessee municipalities together. However, we have listed the above links to certain municipalities for your convenience. Where a listing of all officials was not available, we have deferred to a listing of the legislative branch. We apologize in advance if any of these links are broken.