Veto Over Ride

Please heed the information from John regarding the actions necessary to get the veto overridden.
SB 3012   Restaurant Carry
From John Harris:

It will take, unless the rules are suspended, probably 2 hearings in each house.
Senate, if it moves quickly, can do its override by next Wed. House would get it
as soon as the Senate passes it and would take again 2 session days to pass it.

There should be time.

However, we can improve our chances of a swift override  if we can convince both houses to “suspend” the rules that require the 2 hearing process in each house so that the matter could be taken up and an override vote had on the first day in each house.

We need to get the word out – particularly to the sponsors – to all House and Senate members
asking them to suspend the rules and to override the veto on the 1st hearing in each house.

John Harris
Executive Director
Tennessee Firearms Association, Inc.