Three Sign Pledge to Alter Jackson City Government

(Jackson, Tennessee) – – Three of the seventeen Jackson City Council Candidates have signed a pledge to drastically alter the direction of Jackson City Government and one other candidate has committed to it. Candidates Vickie Foote (District 1), Evelyn Keeley (District 8), and Councilman Frank Neudecker (District 5) have signed the pledge. Candidate Dan Vaughn (District 6) has stated that he intends to sign it as well. The pledge has ten points of commitment including everything from following the Constitution and no tax increases to ending the use of red-light cameras and reversing the 2006 annexation. It can be found in its complete form online at and was developed by the local non-partisan organization Tennesseans for Liberty, which includes some local Republican leaders.

City Council Pledge

Chairman of Tennesseans for Liberty, Adrian Eddleman stated, “The City of Jackson has focused for years on generating revenue and consolidating power instead of protecting the liberties and rights of its citizens. Residents are continually being forced to pay more and all they seem to get for it is high crime and violations of their liberties. Any candidate who refuses to affirm his commitment to the Constitution in this pledge should be questioned as to why he does not want to uphold his oath of office.”

Councilman Neudecker said, “I am happy to commit to the pledge. Most of the commitments are changes I’ve been fighting for in Jackson, but haven’t been able to get much help with. I’m glad to see these new candidates supporting a positive direction for Jackson.” Eddleman continued, “We have an obligation to hold our government at the Federal, State, and Local level accountable to the powers granted them. This pledge represents a willingness of candidates to do that and to hear the voice of residents. We constructed this pledge based on the voices of so many who expressed these specific concerns about Jackson. This pledge just brings these issues into further public discussion and allows voters to know where candidates stand.” Evelyn Keeley, candidate for District 8 stated, “I am honored to sign a pledge that shows such conviction for our Constitution and that focuses on protecting the liberties of the people of Jackson. I feel we’ve moved too far away from what our Founding Fathers envisioned for our country. Speeding tickets from cameras? Even more intrusive government? It’s ridiculous.”