Health Care Freedom Act Resurrected!

Call/write your State Legislators on this one quickly!
In a ninth inning push to protect Tennesseans from the penalty provisions of Obamacare, the state Senate made an unprecedented move to recall from committee SB2560, the companion bill to Rep. Susan Lynn’s Health Care Freedom Act (HB2622).  If passed, HB2622 will write into law a policy statement for all Tennesseans that health care mandates or penalties for defying such mandates may not be carried out in the state of Tennessee.  HB2622 will likely be brought before the full House on Tuesday, June 8 for a vote.  The fight over the bill is expected to be intense.  A Senate vote on SB2560 is expected to follow later in the week.  It is imperative that Tennesseans begin contacting legislators in both the House and Senate to encourage them to vote for this bill.

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