Haslam Calling A Special Session for “Insure Tennessee” February 2nd

Below you’ll find a link that includes an interview with Senator Kelsey (who is on our side with this issue) discussing the Obamacare Medicaid expansion that the Governor is pushing. In the interview, Senator Kelsey says this move reminds him of the Trojan Horse that brought Common Core to TN in 2010-being rushed into a contract with the federal government before the final contract was drawn up-same thing happening with “Insure Tennessee.”

The Governor is pushing the “Insure Tennessee” Medicaid expansion to the public all over the state. However, resistance seems to be strong, so the Governor is stepping up his game.

Starting February 2, 2015 at 2:00 the Governor will begin a special session with lawmakers to try and push this on through.

We need to make sure these lawmakers don’t get soft under pressure from the Governor! Please call your state Representatives and Senator now to tell them you oppose “Insure Tennessee” and to ask them stand strong against the Governor.

Press on Special Session:



Interview with Senator Kelsey (starts at 19:30; key discussion at 28:30):