Cooperative Conservative Grass Roots Effort

Since it looks like the stars are aligning for the unconstitutional  passage of the progressives healthcare bill on Saturday, numerous groups  are calling for mass protests to be conducted at the Capital in DC and  State Capitals across the nation at high noon on Saturday.  This is the  first time in US history that a bill  that originated in the Senate and  can not pass in the House without the implementation of the Slaughter  Rule, in fact it could not pass again in the Senate now with Scott Brown  seated, will go to the President to become the law of the land.

Here in Tennessee we are calling for a protest rally at the Tennessee Capital at noon on Saturday. We are also calling for an encampment at  the Capital beginning at 10am on Tuesday 3/23 and remain there until the  State Legislature votes on the Tennessee Health Freedom Act HB3433 by
Bell & SB3498 by Beavers.  This bill is currently held in the  Industrial Impact Subcommittee and is to be voted on 3/24 at 10am.  They  will also vote on HJR0745 by Lynn, HB2622 by Lynn & SB2560 by  Black, HJR0722 by Lynn, and HJR0704 by Lynn.  These bills are important steps in drawing the line of defense against the unconstitutional  federal encroachment on the citizens of Tennessee.

While we are calling for peaceful civil disobedience, we will be heard and we will demand action on these bills.  We will work in shifts and at  all times remain civil yet firm.  If you can join us throughout this  process please do so, even if only for a short period.  We will have  petition scrolls available to show support for these bills.  Please  spread this message out to all your group members as it is of vital  importance that we not only show our opposition to what our runaway
federal government is doing, but more importantly to show our support  for our brave state legislators who are drawing a line in the sand at  the state line.  A list of Committee members of the Industrial Impact  Committee is below, please call these members and voice your support for
these bills and for the need for immediate action on their passage.  Please be courteous but firm in these calls. Thank  you in advance for your support!!

House Commerce – Industrial Impact Subcommittee
Rep. Charles Curtiss (D), Chair: (615) 741-1963,
Rep. Dennis Roach (R), Vice-Chair: (615) 741-2534,
Rep. Joanne Favors (D): (615) 741-2702,
Rep. Dennis Ferguson (D): (615) 741-7658,
Rep. Jon Lundberg (R): (615) 741-7623,
Rep. Joe McCord (R): (615) 741-5481,
Speaker Emeritus Jimmy Naifeh(D): (615) 741-3774,
Rep. Charles Michael Sargent (R): (615) 741-6808,
Rep. David Shepard (D): (615) 741-3513,
Rep. Eric Swafford (R): (615) 741-2343,
Rep. Curry Todd (R): (615) 741-1866,
Rep. Joe Towns (D): (615) 741-2189,

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