Jay Bush “RINO”

The Real Jay Bush “RINO”

Republican in Name Only


For those of us who know Jay Bush he’s generally thought of as a “nice guy”, but “Conservatism” is not something he’s known for among true Constitutionalists who actually look at voting records and stances. No, he’s not another Obama, but he sure isn’t Goldwater either.

Raise Taxes and Spend MORE!

The hypocritical “tax pledge” signed just after raising taxes.

He fits well the establishment mold of the post-Reagan Republican RINO’s. He says he’s pro-life and pro 2nd Amendment, but he hasn’t had to vote on those issues. Conversely, if you look at his record on what he has been able to vote on, he’s anything but conservative, which brings forth more concern than normal. Why? Because he’s overtly stated he’s an advocate of “keeping taxes low and cutting red tape”, yet as a politician he’s done the exact opposite, raising taxes and spending more at every opportunity (See facts below). He then has the audacity to sign a pledge to “not raise taxes” and boast about it (left).

Negative Mail:

Certainly some of the mail pieces that have gone out against Jay have been negative attention getters, but like it or not, they have been relatively accurate regarding the information relayed. Meanwhile Jay claims they are a smear campaign or “fake news”, which is a statement of irony in itself knowing Jay is a “Never Trumper”.

The Source:

Jay also claims his opponent, Chris Todd has run the “most negative campaign ever in Madison County”. However, Chris has not distributed anything negative about Jay, though Jay has about Chris. Glen Casada’s Cas Pac (the largest source) has historically been the enemy of many Nashville establishment insiders especially Governor Haslam, Speaker Harwell and their Gas Tax.

Meanwhile, Nashville Politician, Curtis Johnson, Speaker Pro Temp appointed by Speaker Beth Harwell is seeking to gather more power by lining up votes for his announced run for Speaker and continues to send dollars to Jay and that’s okay?


Interestingly, Jay has NOT come back and denied his public radio statement of intending never to vote for Trump. You would at least think from a political perspective he would come back and retract that statement. But, perhaps he really loathes Trump and his conservative stances too much to do that. Most true conservatives have been pleasantly surprised that Trump’s rhetoric and actions have actually been aligned for the most part. It’s the establishment Republicans that hate Trump more than ever for “crashing their party”. No pun intended. In reality, Trump has reinvigorated the grassroots.

The Unions:

So, then Jay accuses his opponent of being endorsed by Tennessee’s “largest labor union”, (we’re still unsure who he is referring to) while simultaneously promoting his endorsement from the TPFF. And, Jay says he is “honored to receive the endorsement”?

Not surprisingly, the stated mission of the labor union (whose endorsement Jay is “honored” to receive) is to “promote legislation and to provide all . . . the right to affiliate, the right to bargain collectively in good faith . . .”. But, Jay calls out his opponent for support of a union?

Just the FACTS on Jay Bush:

  • Never Trumper
  • NOT a Voice of the People
    • Opposed the peoples’ right to referendum vote against borrowing money in Madison County
    • Opposed the peoples’ right to referendum vote against tax increases in Madison County
  • NOT a Fiscal Conservative
    • Publicly Supported the Gas Tax Increase in Tennessee
    • Introduced a proposal for a Wheel Tax in Madison County (Though luckily voted down by other Commissioners, he tried to initiate this new tax)
    • Voted “Yes” every time for the Property Tax increase in Madison County (Once finalized, this became the largest dollar tax increase in Madison County history and the second largest tax increase in the state)
    • Voted “No” to the Property Tax decrease motion in Madison County (After implementation of the huge tax increase, more Madison County Commissioners realized that the additional funds were unnecessary. An attempt was made to decrease taxes closer to the pre-increase levels, Jay opposed this.
    • Voted “Yes” to borrow $40 million in Madison County before alternatives to Jail expansion were even considered. (Few Commissioners have been willing to look at alternatively such as ankle bracelets for non-violent offenders and have further failed to address the real issue, which is the recidivism rate. Not only are we borrowing money we can’t afford to borrow, we will be right back here again in a decade or two if we don’t address the underlying problem. To compound the matter, there is officially no allocation of these funds, merely a general intent. In theory, Madison County could spend this money on anything and there was certainly no detailed plan or allocation at the time the funds were borrowed.)
  • NOT the Conservative Candidate he Claims
    • Running for two elected offices simultaneously
    • Has continuously supported the most liberal, progressive Republicans in primary elections
    • Touts political rhetoric that is the exact opposite of his historic voting record
    • Is an attorney, politician

So, how can Jay claim he’s a conservative?