Thank you for completing our Covid19 Economic Impact Survey. If you have come across this page without completing it, feel free to do so at your convenience. Based on responses, public interest to get involved, and timing to coordinate efforts quickly, we will post updates below regarding any planned formal action. In the meantime, we encourage you to at least act yourself by calling, emailing, messaging, or otherwise contacting your state legislators, the governor, mayors, and other elected politicians to make your opinion known. It will make a difference.

As for the reason for the survey and our concern, we see a great many immoral actions occurring from Covid19 fears and government overreach. Not the least of which is the suspension of individual liberty and freedom, but also the irrational lack of consideration for long-term negative economic outcomes.

We encourage you to read the following piece that clearly articulates these thoughts by the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) by Robin Koerner called:

COVID-19 and the Trolley Problem: You’re on the Tracks and the Government Is Controlling the Switch


Governor Lee has agreed to phase in reopening the State of Tennessee beginning April 27th for certain businesses and May 1st for all business with limitations based on phase-in guidelines. Certain metropolitan counties and/or cities are being provided their own ability to set mayoral guidelines for reopening.

We thank each an every individual who participated in action throughout the state! We encourage those of you in various cities and counties to coordinate your own actions at your city and county courthouses to encourage your mayors to relinquish their harmful, Unconstitutional mandates to shutter businesses and interfere with free trade.