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Recently, Tennesseans for Liberty sent out a mailer to inform the Republican electorate about A J Massey. We say inform because while we may provide such information boldly, we are careful to provide information that is factual, verifiable, and relevant. Furthermore, we always seek to focus on information that is pertinent to the political positions, statements, votes, or beliefs of a candidate or documentation that is indicative of the candidates stance or what those of known public stances may believe about the candidate. We generally avoid addressing a candidate’s family, personal issues, or making irrelevant personal attacks. Our goal is to help in providing an informed electorate because it can often be difficult and time consuming to truthfully determine what a candidate’s beliefs are and thereby how they may vote or lead on issues.

So, to follow, we will provide:

  • A Fact Summary of the information that we outlined in the mailer
  • Massey’s Denial
  • Detailed Documentation including audio, video, screenshots, etc. of each of the points made in our mailer and perhaps a few more

Fact Summary

  • Encouraging Crossover – Massey has encouraged the voting of everyone (Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, etc. included) in the Republican primary both verbally and in writing.
  • Progressive Support – Massey has received the support of self-described Liberal-Progressives and has yet to denounce such support.
  • Democrat Financing – Not only are publicly known Democrats, Liberals, and Progressives supporting him verbally, they have have been significant funders of his campaign.
  • Defund the Police and BLM Advocacy – Massey has advocated for both of these movements
  • Tax Increase Advocacy – Massey has stated clearly in his own words that he thinks tax increases are okay!
  • Failed GOP Support – Massey only recently began supporting the GOP and didn’t even bother to vote in the last GOP primary.
  • School Choice Opposition – Massey has been an opponent of parents having the choice to educate their children in the manner of their choosing. He believes you should pay the taxes for that education, but not be able to use those dollars the way you feel is best (Note: this item was not included in the mailer due to limited space).

Massey Denial

Massey has responded to this information with the overall statement that “its a lie” as well as specific denials of certain points.

  • Denial of inclination to raise taxes
  • Denial of “not” supporting law enforcement”
  • Denial of Encouraging Crossover

We encourage you to look at the facts yourself and make up your own mind.


Encouraging Crossover

  • Massey sent his mail campaign to the public at large, not merely the GOP.
  • Massey clearly states “anyone” can ask for a Republican Primary ballot.
  • Massey states that if you have a Madison County license plate, you can vote for him.
  • Massey states, “I’m asking people who want me to be county mayor to vote for me.”
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It should also be noted that effective campaign management strategy dictates targeting to known voters for that primary (e.g. GOP mail is targeted to only historic GOP voters). At first, we thought that perhaps he was merely wasteful in his spending and unskilled at campaign strategy. Then like many of you, we received his mailer (above left). In his own words, “If your license plate says Madison County and you are a registered voter, you can vote in the primary” and “anyone can ask for this ballot”. Obviously, the Madison County Republican Women interpret Massey’s strategy with the same concern that we have. Massey clearly appears not to have been targeting GOP voters, but instead encouraging anyone who wanted to support him in the primary to do so (above right – speaking to Madison County GOP Women).

Progressive Support

Massey has garnered the broad support of not merely Democrats, but some of the more Liberal Progressives in West Tennessee. Several of these supporters are making concerted efforts to not only “crossover vote” themselves, but also to encourage others to do so publicly. An example of one of these supporters is Gabe Hart who made the following statements (listen here) in an interview with Sea Bass on News Talk 101.5 FM:

11:34 – 11:42 I did, I voted for Joe Biden, I voted for Hilary Clinton . . . I voted all the way down the line Democrat . . .

13:26 – 13:32 I think he’s [AJ Massey] the best person for Madison County . . .

News Talk 101.5 FM

In a separate public statement, Gabe Hart relays that he voted in the GOP primary encouraging other Democrats to follow suit. You can read the entire article here, but the following are a couple of quotes:

If you know me at all . . . you probably know that I’m not a conservative person. I’m Pro-Choice. I’m not religious. I fully support the rights of LGBTQ people. I absolutely do believe in systemic racism . . .

Oh, and I also voted in the local Republican primary in Madison County last week.

Jackson Sun, April 14, 2022

Defund the Police and Black Live Matter (BLM) Support

On June 2, 2020, A J Massey commented on a post regarding the Defund the Police movement. If you are needing a refresher on the timeline this movement, it began in May of 2020 just prior to the Massey post here. In this post he uses the #blacklivesmatter (BLM hashtag) in apparent advocacy or the BLM movement. What is perhaps most concerning about this is the fact the BLM is not actually a advocacy group for the African-American community. In fact, BLM is a “revolutionary movement, rooted in Marxism, that wants to dismantle Western society.” – Heritage Foundation.

Clearly Massey’s advocacy of the organization can only mean one of two things:

  • He is an advocate of the radical Marxist BLM ideology, or
  • He is lacking in sound judgement advocating for radical ideologies prior to researching and fully understanding them. As for Marxism, if you yourself have only studied it as a socioeconomic political movement, we would encourage you to read Marx and Satan by Richard Wurmbrand.

But, Massey continues with more to this post. It seems it is not enough to advocate for these ideas in general, but he adds a comment encouraging the creation of a “national database of problem officers.” While we would all acknowledge that there are bad apples in any field, the creation of national databases for any purpose should be concerning to us.

Tax Increase Advocacy

7:15 – 7:21 “I think, call me naive I guess, but I think people are okay with marginal, minimal increases in taxes.”

36:51 – 36:56 “I think that’s [tax increases] a pill that should be easy to swallow for constituents.”

38:57 – 39:04 “I think the idea of saying that I’m not gonna raise taxes before I’m eight months from the election is foolish”

AJ Massey – Dan Reeves show, January 5, 2020

Listen to the audio yourself here.

Failure to Vote as a Republican

As recently as the August 2020 Republican primary, Massey simply failed to show up and vote to support Republicans; he did not vote in this GOP primary at all.

This information is publicly available from the Madison County Election Commission; unfortunately, one must purchase it themselves and it is a violation of use for us to share it with you directly.

School Choice Opposition

Massey has been an opponent of parents having the choice to educate their children in the manner of their choosing. He believes you should pay the taxes for that education, but not be able to use those dollars the way you feel is best.

The Race

The 2022 Madison County mayoral election has four (4) candidates in the race. Three of the four candidates are running as Republicans and one is running as a Democrat. There are no independent candidates. Once the Republican (GOP) nominee is decided, the GOP nominee and the Democrat nominee will face off in the general election in August.

The function of the spring primary is to allow partisan persons to select their nominee for the general election race. Though these races are facilitated by the Tennessee and/or county election commission, each party may determine specific rules associated with their party. In that regard one should be mindful that the political parties are not actually organizational structures of government, but rather more like clubs or membership organizations that can determine their own rules of operation, requirements for membership, methods of leadership, etc. So, while the public may be allowed to cast a vote for a nominee, it is inevitably up to each party to select their nominee. Conversely, the general election is candidate selection for the actual public position.

Laws regarding both general elections and primary elections can and do exist. Such laws vary by state and may even vary by type of election under either the Independent State Legislature Doctrine of the United States Constitution or the 10th Amendment. In Tennessee, many are unaware, but laws actually exist in regard to primary elections as well as general elections. So, while political parties may have their own rules, such rules must not conflict with the laws of the state assuming the party chooses to use the state apparatus for the process of managing the voting. That said, in theory “you and I” could create our own political party and select our own nominee in any way we choose outside of the states voting laws. Such a selection could be our own internal voting, representative election, a roll of the dice, or anything we might contemplate. But, for the person to appear on the ballot in the general election listed with the name of your party, there are specific laws enacted to require a certain level of support to list the relevant party. For instance, the Libertarian Party has selected official nominees to run for positions in Tennessee, but those candidates were listed as “independent” because they did not meet the legal criteria necessary to be listed in the general election with their party.

As for the specific laws that pertain to Tennessee primary elections, you may be surprised to learn that it is illegal to for one who is not an affiliated member of the party or who is not willing to declare allegiance to the party. Under ” Tennessee Code Annotated” emphasis added in bold below:

TCA 2-7-115(b)(1)(2)

(b) A registered voter is entitled to vote in a primary election for offices for which the voter is qualified to vote at the polling place where the voter is registered IF:

(1) The voter is a bona fide member of and affiliated with the political party in whose primary the voter seeks to vote; or

(2) At the time the voter seeks to vote, the voter declares allegiance to the political party in whose primary the voter seeks to vote AND states that the voter intends to affiliate with that party.

Granted, the later of these two options leaves quite a bit of onerous upon the individual to be truthful, but remember that the inevitable decision for the selection of the nominee does fall to the party. While rare there are instances in Tennessee where a party has overridden public votes for a nominee or even removed a candidate from eligibility for election within the party. In 2020 State Representative John DeBerry was removed completely from the ballot by the Democrat Party due to his pro-life stance.